Wear and tear which cause with timely usage of your bag and are not considered a defect. 

Variations in leather color and grain are normal and also an inherent part of the unique beauty of each bag.

Due to the natural tanning process of many of our leathers,

brighter colors may transfer in humid or wet conditions, 

so, keep your ARZADESIGN safe and dry. We recommend using top quality,

Neutral cream cleansers and leather conditioners to care for your ARZADESIGN bags and to ensure that you have a long and beautiful life together.

All arzadesign bags have warranty against Hardware malfunction defects for 3 months from purchase date. 


We are not responsible for damages due to normal wear and tear or damages cause to skin after purchase such as tear, dirt, color variation, scratches 

If you have issues with your bag or need a repair,

please contact us on contact us page 

Thank you Arza+ team